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The Tri-Wave MD signifies a new era in LED Phototherapy treatments pushing the boundaries of medical LED technology and next level clinical application. 

Delivering maximum power via breakthrough targeted ceramic light technology, this is the ultimate medically certified and FDA cleared LED device for skin care professionals who want to deliver fast, unrivalled results for a wide range of indications. 

The Tri-Wave MD is an innovation benchmark which exceeds the specification of any other LED Phototherapy device in the global market. 


A first for the Phototherapy market, the Dermalux MD range utilise unique and revolutionary ceramic LED technology to enable higher optical power output with improved thermal efficiency. Engineered for maximum power with less heat to ensure a safe, consistent performance and reproducible outcomes with every treatment.

High intensity photobiomodulation generates high optical energy. A unique thermal management system via forced air cooling regulates the LED temperature to enable a more intensive energy treatment whilst maintaining the optimum operational parameters. Integrated superficial skin cooling during treatment ensures a comfortable and amplified treatment.

20 mins Full session of LED
Acne / Pigmentation / Skin Rejuvenation / Redness / Pain Relief 


10 mins Add On of LED
Post treatment after facials
Acne / Pigmentation / Skin Rejuvenation / Redness / Pain Relief 


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